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How to Fit a Back Gate or Garden Gate

Need to know how to fit a back gate in wood? Follow this guide to show you how. It’s a relatively simple job that most competent DIY enthusiasts can do themselves.

To start, ensure the post or pillar you are mounting the gate on is up to the job. If the post is suffering from rot then it’s best to replace it. The gate should be treated or painted prior to fitting. If you would like to learn how to professionally paint a gate, see our “How to Guide“.

Gate Bracing Position

On the rear of the gate you will see structural bracing. This supports the weight of the gate and is crucial (on diagonal braced gates) that the hinges are placed on the correct side. For gates with “V” or upside down “V” bracing, either side is fine.

Showing bracing to ensure correct hinge placement.

This image is showing the structural bracing on a wood back gate. It is important to hang the gate with the bracing starting at the corner and running up towards the top. If you were fitting a garden gate, generally you would only have one diagonal brace but the same direction of the brace applies.


We recommend heavy duty tee hinges for your gate. For side and back gates (over 5ft in height) 18″ tee hinges, for garden gates, 14″ tee hinges. Some will use standard door hinges you find inside the home. This is OK as long as it with-holds the gate weight. Usually this way 3 hinges would be needed whereas with tee hinges two are suitable.


Instructions on how to fit a back gate or garden gate

Tee hinges fitted to a back gate prior to fitting on mounting post.
Place gate on timber or spacers to achieve required level ground clearance.
Mark the position of the hinge on post.
Opening Latch for Garden Gates (left) | Ring Latch for Back Gates (right)
Garden Gate compared to Back Gate
Opening latch bar position.

Showing position of rectangle bar catch.
Closing catch on post.

That’s it! Your new back gate or garden gate should be fitted!

See examples of our Garden Gates or Back Gates.

Want to learn how to paint or stain your new fitted gate? See our “How to Paint a Gate Guide

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