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Commercial Gates & Trade Gates

Gates and Fences UK work closely with some of UK’s leading housing development companies and architects to produce, deliver and install a range of gate and fence types. We produce any number of commercial gates/ trade gates at a time. From one off’s to 100’s of gates at a time from our 15,000 sq foot factory in Devon.

Commercial Gates – on site:

We are currently involved on a 3 year project in Wales manufacturing and installing hardwood driveway gates and hardwood side pedestrian gates. Carried out in “phase” stages as each section of the site is complete. Able to work within deadlines and install the highest quality of gates being key to keeping a good business relationship.

Other commercial gates projects include metal fencing, metal gates, softwood gates and metal framed gates. So basically from cheaper gates for affordable housing right up to prestige gates for homes with a value of £750k +.

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Trade Gates

We class any gate going to smaller companies (builders, gardeners etc) as Trade Gates. We work closely with our trade customers and understand the importance of their reputation to their own customers. Depending on number of gates purchased per year will determine the discount. All trade gate customers receive “express service” (usually charged at £100 per gate), FOC.

For more details, please call us on 0800 6124 965 or email:

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