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How to Fit a Wooden Driveway Gate

How to guide on fitting a wooden driveway gate.

How to fit a wooden driveway gate¬† purchased by Gates and Fences UK. With this “how to” guide we’re going to jump straight in and assume posts and pillars are already in place. If you need to fit wooden gate posts first, see our “How to Fit Gate Posts” guide before continuing. Prior to fitting, the driveway gate should be painted or stain and treated. Find out how by reading this our “How to Paint or Stain Gates” guide.

First, see our video guide on how to fit a wooden driveway gate before reading the detailed instructions.

Fit a Wooden Driveway Gate – the set up:

Understanding the correct way the gate should look once installed can save you a lot of time and hassle. All wooden driveway gates will have structural bracing on the rear. Used to support the weight of the gate from certain points within the gate. If the gate is fitted incorrectly, it will fail. Most will have bracing (as shown below) which runs diagonally from the bottom corner (next to post or pillar) to centre of the gate. Some may have an “A” brace design which should be hung dependent on the gate design.

Wooden Driveway Gate set up


  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Straight edge
  • Clamps (optional)
  • Spirit level or plumb line
  • Electric drill
  • Spanner or adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver or cordless screwdriver

How to Fit a Wooden Driveway Gate:

The width of the double gate should be smaller than the opening between the posts or pillars by 40mm (1.5″). This is based on the set up we (Gates and Fences UK) use, and also the hinge clearance requirements you will need. Basically, 15mm each side between post edge and edge of gate and 10mm centre to allow for opening and closing.

Driveway Gate Hinges:

For ease during installation and easier adjustments to the gate when needed, we recommend only using adjustable gate hinges either 24″, 36″ or 48″. Any gate with a total width (both sides together) under 10ft, use 24″ hinges, up to 16ft use 36″ hinges and above, use 48″ hinges.

24″ Adjustable Gate Hinges

Fitting the Adjustable Gate Hinges:

First, connect the main hinge to the gate. Each side will have two hinges, one on top horizontal brace and one on the bottom brace.

Hinge position for Wooden Driveway Gate

To do this, place the hinge on the gate (centralise along the depth of the brace – for aesthetic reasons). Mark the holes and remove hinge. Drill pilot holes using a 3mm drill bit to a depth of approx 20mm. Where there’s a “square” hole, carefully drill a pilot hole all the way through the gate (this is for the “dome” headed bolt which goes through the entire gate with the dome head being visible from the front of the gate). Measure the thickness of the dome bolt and select a drill bit large enough for the bolt to go through. Start at the back, drill halfway through then complete drilling from the front. Fix hinge to gate and repeat till all 4 hinges are in place.

Next, connect the eye bolt to the hinge (as below). One bolt and washer to go either side of the hinge edge.


Marking the Hinges:

Take the hinge plate and connect to the eye bolt. Measure the distance between the bottom edge of plate and ground level. Add an additional size for ground clearance of between 25mm and 50mm. This is the gap from the bottom edge of gate and ground level. Use this measurement and transfer to post. Mark holes, pilot drill and fix with screws – repeat process for top hinge.

Hinge marking for driveway gate installation

Once the first post has the two hinge plates fitted, take the straight edge and convert the measurements to the other post. Place the spirit level on top to make sure 100% correct.

Fitting a wooden driveway gate

Hanging the Gates:

Two persons are required to fit a wooden driveway gate. Carefully lift the gates on to the hinge plates.


Once both sides are hung, use the bolts to slowly adjust the height and gap clearance till it lines up in the centre and equal on the side gap.

Fit a Wooden Driveway Gate – Installing the Gate Furniture:

Gate furniture layout wooden driveway gate
Gate Furniture Layout

Ring Latch:

In five pieces. Ring latch, ring latch with rectangle bar, 2 x catches and one stainless steel bar that connects it altogether.

Gate ring latch in black

If your gate is tall, place the ring latch on the centre horizontal brace. The ring latch with the rectangle bar will be positioned on the rear of the gate if the gate opens towards you (when looking from rear), or on the front if the gate opens outwards.

First, place the ring latch on the horizontal brace with the rectangle bar protruding from the gate edge by 50mm. Mark the 4 holes and remove. Next, draw a “X” using the marked holes. Pilot drill the 4 x holes. Centre of cross, pilot drill a hole all the way through the gate. Measure the thickness of the stainless steel bar, select a drill bit large enough so the hole created will allow the bar to fully turn and drill half way through. Go to the other side of gate and drill till it meets. Place ring latch on and screw in position – connect stainless steel bar to ring latch.

Now take the holding catch for the ring latch (as below). Centre on vertical brace, mark holes, remove, pilot drill then fix in place.

How to fit ring latch
Holding Catch Position

Move to the front of the gate. Place ring latch in position and mark holes. Remove, pilot drill and screw in. Check that by turning the handle, both sides move.

Close the driveway gate. The rectangle bar needs to secure to the other gate when in the closed position. Again, for looks, centralise the catch on the vertical leg of the gate.  Mark holes, remove, drill pilot hole and secure in place.

Ring latch catch position
Catch Position

Brenton Bolt:

Black Brenton Bolt

Best positioned on the top of the gate (horizontal brace). Large side fixed to one gate with the catch on the other gate. Centralise on brace (vertically) mark holes, remove, drill pilot holes and secure. For added security, add a padlock.

Drop Bolts:

Used to hold the gate in the closed and open position. Mark holes on gate, remove and drill pilot holes then fix. Once both sides done, put the gate in the closed position, drop bolts till they hit the ground and mark. Measure the thickness of the bar and select a drill bit slightly larger. Carefully drill the holes to the required depth being careful not to hit any services underneath. Check drop bolts will drop into the holes.

Now fully open the driveway gates to the position you would like. Then follow the above instructions.

That’s it! Your wooden driveway gate should be fully fitted!

How to fit a wooden driveway gate by Gates and Fences UK

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